Saturday April 23rd, 2016

Animal Crackers

The Little Theatre Cinema, 1pm – 5pm

Animal Crackers unew

The Marx Brothers have been invited to the most important weekend party of the season. Groucho shoots an elephant in his pyjamas, Chico charges three hundred dollars for not attending, and Harpo steals an art critic’s birthmark. With Margaret Dumont and Lillian Roth. Introduced by Matthew Coniam and Glenn Mitchell.

Plus: The Stars of the BBC’s Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel LIVE! – Michael Roberts (Groucho), Frank Lazarus (Chico) and the show’s writer-editor Mark Brisenden join author Andrew T. Smith to revive the classic radio show before your very eyes!

Plus a selection of archive rarities!

Tickets: £16.50 (includes £1.50 booking fee)

An Evening with Groucho

Chapel Arts Centre, 8pm

Frank Ferrante in “An Evening with Groucho

 For one night only, this PBS, New York and London acclaimed portrayal of legendary comedian Groucho Marx comes to Britain!

“Nobody does Groucho better than Frank Ferrante.” –Arthur Marx, Groucho’s son

“Frank doesn’t just do Groucho… he is Groucho.” –Miriam Marx Allen, Groucho’s daughter

Tickets: £25 (direct from venue)

Sunday April 24th, 2016

A Night in Casablanca

The Little Theatre Cinema, 1pm – 5pm

A Night in Casablanca unew

Why do all the managers of the Hotel Casablanca end up murdered? Why have they just appointed Groucho to the post? And what is the significance of the toupee that Harpo has accidentally sucked into the vacuum cleaner? Does Chico have the answer? Probably not, but he is the President of the Yellow Taxi-Camel Company. So that’s something. With Sig Ruman and Lisette Verea.

Plus: Frank Ferrante and Frank Lazarus as Groucho and Chico LIVE!

Plus a selection of archive rarities introduced by Matthew Coniam and Andrew T. Smith 

AND DON’T FORGET – Ticket holders for this event will be automatically entered into our fabulous competition!

Tickets: £16.50 (includes £1.50 booking fee)